Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Cradle To Grave - And, Beyond

HOPE and the Eternal Spring

From the moment of conception to the last breath of our being, we are challenged by the events of the battle of Life against Death - this breath of evolutionary chaos

Published author Norman O. Brown has been criticized for his slant toward Freudian lines. And, certainly, the works of Freud are significantly tainted by his own personal bias arising from his choices and instincts.

However, we are constantly challenged to find credible sources that we can use for guidelines in making our own decisions. And, probably, when it comes down to the most dependable source of logic and rationale for us to depend upon - it, will always (and, should be) OUR OWN BIAS.

There are certainly many sources in academia and existentialism that have wide discussions on these issues of WHAT IS LIFE and WHAT IS DEATH ? ?

And, Touchstone Committee [TC] has published briefs on these matters at sites such as : Life On Earth And Evolutionary Theism : Progressive Theism and the Eleventh Dimension : OPEN MIND PRINCIPLES : Evolutionary-Creationism Debates :

Therefore, for the moment, ENJOY your sovereignty ! And, may Peace and Optimism be your companion.

Regards, Yuxwuletun